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  • Unity engine
  • 20 person team
  • 1 year

About this game

Spellbound Spire is an immersive VR Journey taking place in a magical 12th-century Islamic influenced al-Andalus tower. Within Spellbound Spire you use your magical gloves to solve puzzles in order to traverse the tower. Throughout the tower, corruption has spread which will disable your gloves and destroy objects. Your goal is to reach the top of the tower to remove the corruption and return the peace.

The game uses room-scale movement and non-euclidian level design in this case, this means that every time you walk around a corner this reveals a completely new room to explore resulting in a very magical experience.

My contribution

I have joined the team at a later stadium of the project so I tried to fill in the holes where needed. There was still some feedback and visual effects missing from the game so this is where I came in. I created particle effects, shaders, and implemented other small indicators that gives feedback on the progression of the player.

More information can be found on the Steam page

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