Who am I?

And what do I do?


I like to express myself in creative ways. I enjoy making art and solving problems in original ways. I finished a study in graphics design which developed my taste, knowledge about UI/UX and enabled me to express my ideas into simple and effective visuals.


Improving my technical skills and creating different kinds of digital products is one of my daily activities. I know my way around a variety of different software, some programming languages as well as visual scripting. Getting things work makes me the happiest person on earth.


Working well with others is important to me. I have always worked in the hospitality industry and loved this because of working with lots of otherp people. I hope to find a fun team that fits, works together well and wants to create something great!

This is me

Making games is what I like most in life and I have been doing this ever since I was a little kid.

Working with multiple facets of game creation is what I enjoy most. I have a decent understanding of programming, can make 2D and 3D art. and know my way around game design. Right now with the help of my study I am specializing as a technical game designer.

I studied graphics design first but after this I ultimately made the decision to follow my dream and began studying game design at BUAS (Breda University of Applied Sciences). Currently I am in my third year and looking for an internship starting September 2020.

I hope you are interested in taking a look at my portfolio and maybe we can work together in the future.

My technical skills
Unreal Engine
Cinema 4D
Adobe CC
Other capabilities
  • Agile development
  • Programming logic
  • Version control
  • Gameplay design
  • Level design
  • Systems design
  • Eager to learn more

Elementor #4792

<iframe src=”https://tatasteel.steelsimvr.com/roza_hal_iframe” frameborder=”0″ title=””> </iframe>


2.5D dungeon crawler created at Ronimo Games (Click for more info)


Roguelike sailing game for mobile. (Click for more info)


2019 Global Game Jam project (click for more info)


Strange first person puzzle game (click for more info)

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